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It began in the distant past as an advanced alien species initiated mass production of a special breed of cybernetic androids. Once activated, these androids traveled separately across many galaxies probing planets for crucial data, searching for intelligent life. After eons of searching, it was android #M8742T, Eve Aura, that discovered an intelligent life-form known as man. Immediately transforming her capsule into a communications satellite, this female robot established an orbit near the human planet, Earth. The silence of space was forever broken as she activated her primary program called... 

MACHINE LOVE: Robot DJs broadcast isochronic tones and tranquilizing stereophonic vibrations  across healing binaural beat frequencies, transmitted below the threshold of conscious perception.

​​GENREA Space Station Electronic Chill-Out Lounge, but not limited to: Psy-Chill, Chillstep, Cosmic Downtempo & Mid-tempo.

​​PROGRAM: Our tracks are particularly chosen for the purpose of therapeutically relaxing and healing the mind of our listeners by combining peaceful healing frequencies within tranquilizing musical vibrations. Together they are transmitted through the brainwaves of the listener through precisely tuned binaural beat frequencies mixed into various musical tracks.